Making your way through the planning process always sounds like fun, until it isn’t. We hear it often, and that’s why our creative ways of managing each task and process lets us do what we’re good at: managing the stress levels.

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“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.” 

-claire muscutt

Let’s do this! Every wedding has that slow burning build of energy through the planning process that just seems to spill over into a million little details on the day of. But if we’ve done our job right, it’s going to be as smooth and sweet as honey!  


Depending on your planning needs, we might start from the very basic mood board and work our way into the details or come in a little later to fine tune what you already have started. Either way, we’re going to work like magic to make it your wedding vision!


As a small team, we only book a few weddings a year so that we never lose focus on you, our whole reason for it all. Once we’ve determined what your planning needs are, we make sure that we can honor and fulfill those needs within the events we already have scheduled. We'll make it official with a signed contract and deposit paid and then let the fun begin!

02. book

Let’s chat over coffee or martinis - that fun detail is up to you, but this is our most valued step in our service relationship with you. This is our discovery time, not just for us, but for you as well. It’s where we both decide if we’re that match made in heaven. 


Our Approach


No wedding process is ever the same,
So we’ll start with the most requested planning styles.

Our wedding services

Our most intimate of all our wedding services, we lead you through every step of the way, from managing your budget, to design inspiration, and walking hand in hand through venue and vendor selections.  Because we consider it to be our finest and most detailed service, only several bookings are available each wedding season.                                                    $4000+

Full Wedding Planning


Our partial wedding service supports our brides that would like to take a greater role in the design, planning, and styling elements of the process. We gather your vision ideas and bring them into one cohesive plan, working through the design elements together along with budget management.                               $3000+

Partial Wedding Planning


Our wedding day management is designed to let you enjoy your most important day.  We begin our service 6-8 weeks before your wedding day, meeting with you and reviewing the details you have so far. With a checklist in hand, we’ll work at completing the final tasks and details, fully taking over vendor communications, and tying up any loose ends. We’ll create your wedding day timeline, coordinate the ceremony logistics, direct the rehearsal, and get you ready to enjoy the best day ever!                 $2100

Wedding Day Coordinating


You've swooned over the Style Me Pretty pics, you've created a Pinterest board that is to die for, and now you're wondering how to make those beautiful ideas and pictures come to life for your dream wedding.  Our exclusive design service puts together an entire portfolio into a plan of action, including reliable resources, and design suggestions based on budget, so that you can work through bringing the ideas to life. Each portfolio is designed exclusively to your style and can include as little as one to two focus elements, all the way through the entire ceremony and wedding design.                        Coming Soon                 

Wedding Design Styling



We’re big on communication so our process always makes our door open to an email, text, or call. We always work within the boundaries of respect for family time, ours and yours, but you won’t ever hear us limit how often you need to reach out to us no matter how small the question or detail may seem.

How many pre-wedding logistics meetings will we have, and how will we be involved?

Of course! You may have heard an amazing cover band or DJ at a friend’s wedding, or maybe you don’t. Either way, we’ll walk that process with you depending how far along you already are on your hiring of them.

Can you walk us through the process of selecting other vendors and how we would be involved?

Yes, if you’ve hired us as full wedding planners. If however, we’re not doing the full planning, but you need some guidance or suggestions, then we’re happy to make suggestions so that you can feel confident enough to give it a go! 

Will you handle the invitations, from wording and ordering to the addressing and mailing? 

We’ve established ourselves as a small wedding team and we’re happy to say we won’t ever overload our schedule with more than we can promise. We only take a handful of weddings per year and make them our complete focus. Using our energy and resources this way is why we pride ourselves on outstanding personal service! 

How many weddings will you be working on throughout our process? 

Our secret is Marie Forleo’s famous quote: Everything is figureoutable. While some things are more stressful than others, either along the way, or sometimes even on the day of, we work hard behind the scenes to resolve the situation.

What's your secret for staying calm under pressure, and how do you deal with day-of disasters?


The very best way we can provide a dream planning experience is to make sure our styles are suited for each other. So before we ever say yes to helping you plan your day, we first take time to meet with you, introduce ourselves, and just chat a bit about what your dreams and needs are. We take this approach, because planning and working together is a personal service experience, requiring many hours of communicating and working together and is best achieved when we can make a connection of styles. 

Are We a match made in Heaven?