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Our Secret Sauce? Laughter!

Secret sauce… you know – the one your friend insists they have to have with their nugget order or their entire meal is ruined? {LOL – you know who you are.}

But seriously, here’s the skinny about hiring someone to help you manage your wedding day: every wedding coordinator has a secret sauce – it’s their style on how they’ll manage your day. For us: it has to be laughter. We may be cool and calm under pressure but you can bet we’re going to be dancing in the kitchen when no-one is watching because weddings are fun and why wouldn’t you dance? Just saying.

But what else should you consider when hiring your Month+Day of Coordinating team? Well we’ve made you a list, because lists make us happy! And in a world full of great wedding coordinators, you need to find one that meets your style.

  • Efficient + Organized: This has to top the list. There is nothing worse than observing a train wreck in motion, than when that train wreck is in charge of your important day.
  • Resourceful: There will be curve balls on your wedding day. A good coordinator is going to use her imagination and resources to make sure they don’t become an issue.
  • Great Communicators: A good line of communication is so important to your day going smoothly. How quick someone replies to you in the weeks leading up or even when you are considering hiring them has to be up there on your list.
  • Friendly: I know, it seems like a no brainer, but in a world where we now have a slogan to remind us “to be kind”, well friendly is definitely a good trait a coordinator needs!
  • Calm under pressure: Ever see someone lose their sh** because that one thing finally sent them over the edge? Not okay on your wedding day, and especially not from someone you’ve hired to make your day go smoothly.

So surround yourself with some positive energy on your wedding day and look for a Day of Coordinator with a secret sauce you have to have!


Delia & Maddison

Unveiled Wedding Co.

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The very best way we can provide a dream planning experience is to make sure our styles are suited for each other. So before we ever say yes to helping you plan your day, we first take time to meet with you, introduce ourselves, and just chat a bit about what your dreams and needs are. We take this approach, because planning and working together is a personal service experience, requiring many hours of communicating and working together and is best achieved when we can make a connection of styles. 

Are We a match made in Heaven?